Tim Heiderich’s consumer law case

Tim Heiderich’s consumer law case was before 2 Tribunal members at the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal yesterday in the Sydney CBD.

There is a timetable for summons for Usyd to produce documents, for more specific points of claim, for evidence to be filed. Further directions will be made from 9/1/17.

So buckle up folks for a serious consumer legal rights ride.

The reason there were two Tribunal Members is that they expect to do case management on the large number of other claimants (such as Juanel who was reported in the Sydney Daily Telegraph by their consumer reporter yesterday). That report John Rolfe was in the public galley of the NCAT first procedural hearing as was Tim, and alumni Loretta Picone.

Importantly, Usyd’s lawyer acknowledged the jurisdiction of NCAT given the “trade and commerce” involved.

We have further contact with our expert counsel Meher Gaven of 5 Wentworth Chambers in relation to drafting the legal submissions.


Read the Application to the Tribunal concerning TIMOTHY WILLIAM HEIDERICH – UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY