Evidence of bad faith by Usyd cancellation of the BVA

Principal Solicitor

Evidence of bad faith by Usyd central, dated 11 August 2016

For the sceptics – those students who have been in the legal case were already updated with this:

It’s attachment D of the legal letter sent to Usyd with evidence of bad faith by Usyd central, dated 11 August 2016. It’s evidence of the cancellation of the BVA.

The cancellation of the BVA in the 2016 University Admission Centre (UAC) guide for enrolment in 2017 – which is the financial driver for the bulk of the revenue of the SCA at Rozelle. Those places are volume student placements under C’th supported HECS scheme, as well as full fee paying international students.

Question now whether this decision alone puts the financial viability of SCA at risk including all classes in 2017. Never mind the PR double talk about teaching out existing degrees. Where is the money coming from?

As Tamara Winikoff as director of the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) stated to me earlier this week in a telephone call – words to the effect of “that’s bad, can’t it be re-instated?”. I agreed it should be re-instated.

Refer first the hard copy UAC guide for BVA in 2017, then the cancellation, in parallel with the so called “draft” change proposal.

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