Fri  9 Sep 16  Thinking totem banners
 Mon 12 Sep16  There are SO many ways that SCA at Callan Park could be revitalised and made financially viable.
 Wed 14 Sep 16   Set up a gallery and invite Sydney artists
 Fri 16 Sep 16  MUA artwork, how about a banner?
 Mon 10 Oct 16  SCA Rozelle includes art in fashion

The Elder and the A-bomb




Thinking totem banners

Kerri Willdin Have been following campaign. Thinking totem banners might add strength by visual representation of numerous groups who support your activities. Social media campaign of support extended by design and planted out the front of admin building. ForArt&music. LetSCA. MoveForward. 9 September at 10:40

Bachelor of Visual Communication was blocked by Usyd hierarchy

Principal Solicitor Monday 10 Oct 2016 The 2015 Bachelor of Visual Communication was worked up by staff at SCA Rozelle, only to be blocked by Usyd hierarchy – apparently to avoid increased enrolments at SCA Rozelle, and thus increased financial viability. I presume virtual reality creative productions would involve innovations like this, as reported last … Continue reading Bachelor of Visual Communication was blocked by Usyd hierarchy